Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone. I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve, and having a joyful New Years day.

I just wanted to post a few pictures that we took in the past year.

Clarissa ( Rissy Roo )

She is getting big to fast, it is amazing how fast they grow. Her personality has come out in her so much. She has learned how to walk, she has received all of her teeth ( ouch ). Anytime she opens up a book she sings so joyfully. Her favorite song is God Loves You. She has learned so much in the first year of her little life I could go on and on.

Hunter ( Snuggle Bear )

Hunter is so much like is daddy, silly and fun. Although he is a boy and so silly at times, he is also so lovable, caring, and helpful. It is not uncommon for him to jump into the chair and want to sit there for an hour curled up sucking his thumb and reading a book. He also loves to sneak into our bed and curl up next to daddy about every night. He also has the boy side, plays cars, rides bikes, and likes to get dirty. He has grown so much with in the past year.

Chloe ( Lo Lo )

This is my helper, my little miss homemaker in the training. Most of you know that Chloe loves to help mommy in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning. Although Chloe has not always been this way, it use to be we could not get her to play with a doll, all she wanted was a GI Joe or a car. With in the past year, she loves to play with dolls, help mommy cook supper and bake. She enjoys helping mommy do dishes and helping fold the laundry. Let me make mention she still enjoys playing army men with the boys.

Gage ( Stubby )

Oh boy, they grow up so fast. Gage is an out door boy. He enjoys hunting. shooting his BB gun, riding bikes, riding his four wheeler, and enjoys going with daddy on the side jobs. I would like to mention he is not one to sit inside and do school work, he would much rather be outside getting dirty and building. It is hard to believe that I have a child that can go hunting, shoot guns, and carry around a pocket knife.

Deacon ( ????? )

Deacon, we are not sure what the nick name is going to be yet, but I am sure it will come soon. He is the newest Stroupe, only being 2 weeks old, and oh what a joy he has been already. Although, being to young to be able to tell his personality, we know that he is very alert, and loves to be held.

Chester ( Chess )

Our Cocker Spaniel. He is also new this year, he will be a year old in May. We have enjoyed him very much. He enjoys being outside with the children running, but also loves to be hugged and petted on.

Andrew and Jamie ( daddy and mommy )

As for Andrew and I we strive more and more everyday to walk in the Lord, and to raise our children to fallow him. Andrew has been working hard this year with his daily job, overtime, and also with his side job with heating and cooling.

For me, I have been keeping busy with the house and homeschooling the children. Some days can be rougher that others, but in the end I think the Lord for the ability to have the freedom to teach my children at home, and raise them in the Lords name.

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MommaJo said...

It was a blessing to stumble upon your blog. Blessings to you and your family. I also am a homeschool Mom striving to raise up children for the Lord.
Blessings in the New Year.