Friday, December 12, 2008


We woke up this morning and my husband went to go into the shower, and there was no hot water. What a way to wake up. Thankfully for us my husband is a Handy Andy and he may have what we need for the water heater on hand.

I am hoping that having to move everything out of my laundry room ( the water heater is in my laundry room ) might trigger something and start labor.

Everyone have a Happy Friday!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hopefully soon.

I would like to start with my pregnancy.... I have not yet started labor, we are getting very excited. I keep thinking any time now we could have a new little life in out home. What color is the hair, eyes, how big, all these questions popping in my head. Anyhow, we will keep you posted, don't forget to keep up on my husbands blog.

In the mean time.........

We have had a long lasting sickness in our home :(

I think that everyone in our home has had this illness except for Gage, and even he has broken out into a rash that we are not sure about. It looks like he is allergic to something but We are not sure what it may be.
Other than the rash everyone is doing better and up and at the norm again.

Andrew brought home a Ginger Bread House that we all sat around and made, it was fun and the children enjoyed it very much.