Thursday, May 28, 2009

While Washing Dishes

Ok, so lately I have been washing dishes by hand, and I have realized how much it can do for the family. I wanted to do a little post on " While Washing Dishes "....

While washing dishes I like to think about my day!!

While washing dishes it gives me an opportunity to talk, laugh, and hang out with Gage!!

While washing dishes it teaches my daughters how to become a good keeper of the home!!

While washing dishes I can homeschool!!

While washing dishes my children and I play the whistling game!!

While washing dishes the children and I sing, while Daddy and the little ones dance!!

While washing dishes it gives me a chance to be a blessing and a good testimony to my children!!

While washing dishes I get to hear what is on Gages mind!!

While washing dishes I can Pray, Sing, and just talk to the Lord.

I remember when I use to get so disgusted when my dishwasher went out..... but now that the kids are older, I am enjoying it so much that I am still washing dishes by hand and the dishwasher is working just fine.

Tonight, after supper the 2 older children and I were working together and doing after supper clean up. While I was washing, Gage was drying and putting away. I realized just how wonderful that this little thing that I use to dislike so much, has become such a blessing, and fun time for my family.

There was nothing better than whistling a song to see which family member can guess the right tune!!

My challenge to you before you go to put that dish in the dishwasher, grab a child and spend some time with them, play a game, or just ask them what is on their mind. If you don't have any children, take a moment and spend that time with God, Pray, sing, or talk to him like he is your best friend standing right next to you. I know that washing dishes has become a blessing to the Stroupe home!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

17 New Members

We recently have been enjoying 17 new members to our family!!!1

We actually bought 16 but for some wonderful reason they blessed us with 1 extra little blessing!!

We actually have 16 hens and 1 turkey.... The turkey is for fun!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Wonderful Husband!!!!

So in this post I have to brag a little....

I have not been getting a lot of sleep lately being that my youngest who is 5 mo old, has been very crabby at night.

This morning my husband blessed me by letting me sleep in till 9:15am and then woke me up with pancakes, strawberries and kiwi's in bed. Needless to stay I am still not out of bed I am snuggled up with Deacon and drinking a hot cup of coffee.

I am so blessed with a wonderful husband, Thank You baby!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Clarissa Turns 2

Today Clarissa turns 2, and even though she has no idea what really is going on, we enjoyed spoiling her...

Here is Clarissa just a couple days old!!!

Another pic of her just a couple weeks old!!

About 4 months old!!!!

About 6 months old!!

About 8 months old!!

It looks like here she had some kind of juice bath!!

Just being here sweet self!!!

She must not have wanted her picture taken!!!

Out exploring the world!!!