Monday, May 11, 2009

Kentucky Times

The beginning of spring we went down to Ky to see Andrew's family and I would like to introduce you to them....

This is Andrew's Mamaw and she is a wonderful person. Let me tell you she is the hardest person to get a picture of . If she sees this I will probably not have a place to stay when we go back down.

This is Uncle Mike all of my kids love home. He is a big hunting guy, four wheelers and so forth so there for Gage loves chatting with him...

Meet Chuck, he will keep you laughing all the time

This is Mrs. Dolly, Chucks wife, she is such a blessing.

Aunt Darlene, giving our Deacon a kiss.

This is Miss Jenny, Chuck and Dolly's daughter!!

This is Shannon, Andrew's sister!!

And this is some of the crew sitting outside... I have missed a few people that I need to get some pics rounded up for.

This one is just for smiles.... he was sitting around the table with us while we are playing games!!!