Friday, January 23, 2009

My Smart 3 Year Old...

This is Hunter and some times I think he is a little smarter than I realize. I am going to tell you about a conversation that we had the other day.

It all started with breakfast, I had made Andrew eggs, grits, and some toast with peanut butter on top. Hunter seen me throw the peanut butter jar away, and let me tell you, if there is not peanut butter at the Stroupe home the children are not happy.

Anyways, with that being said, Hunter went down for his daily nap and after he woke up he knew that the other children were outside playing in the beautiful weather that we were having. Before he headed out the door I asked him if he would like a snack. I asked him if he wanted an apple and he said no that he wanted a yogurt. So I got him out a yogurt. He stood around for a little, never opened his yogurt, and then said mommy I just want to go outside, and I said that was fine.

I am putting on his boots, coat, and gloves and as I am doing so Hunter says, mommy, I am going to go up to Grandma's and get a apple ( Grandma lives right next door ).
I said no, Hunter you can have an apple from here. Then Hunter says no, I want one from Grandma, and then I repeated, no you may have one from here.

So I am finishing up with getting him ready and Hunter says, mommy, I am going to go get a cracker from Grandma, and I said, no you can have one from here. Of course, Hunter says but I want one from Grandma, and I said no, you may have one from here.

So now he is all dressed, has crackers in his hands, and heading out the door, and as he is walking out the door Hunter says, mommy I am going to go get peanut butter for my crackers from Grandma. This all leads back to the beginning where Hunter seen mommy throw away the peanut butter jar.