Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Just Won!!!!!!!!

Recently I just won two blog awards!!!!!!! How exciting is that, and now I have to pass it on to 7 others that I would like to receive this award. Now I am not sure of the rules, but I do believe that any blogger can receive one, if not please comment I would love to know if I am wrong.

I received two blog awards, one award is from
The second one was given from

Both of these ladies have been a blessing to me and the wisdom that they have is just wonderful!!!!

Now on to 7 people to pass the award to. HMMMMMM being that I am new to the blog world I am not sure that I have 7 but I will do my best.

This is my husband and he has great knowledge, and I think that you all would enjoy reading his posts..

This young lady has a wonderful blog, she home maker in training and has words for anyone.

This family has a great blog, they blog on about anything, and they are always keeping it up dated.

This lady has a fun blog, she is very blunt and speaks her mind but tactfully, and she also has a lot of wisdom.

This lady has wonderful recipes and an enjoying blog.

This lady has a wonderful blog about her children and her husband, it is fun to see the pictures of her little children.

This family is wonderful they have a lot of talent, and a lot of wisdom.

If you have the time please try to take a look at some of these blogs, they have been a blessing to me, and I think that they would be a blessing to you.

Quiet Night......

This is not a normal night at the Stroupe home. Normally you have little feet running around, sounds of children playing, or mommy and daddy just sitting around talking about their day. Not tonight, my husband is working late, he does this often at least once a week. The 2 older children Gage and Chloe are staying with there grandparents. Gage is going with his grandpa early tomorrow morning to go hunting, and Chloe is just staying with grandma,just because.

I hear the ceiling fan spinning, I hear the wind blowing outside, and I hear Hunter here in the living room quietly playing with his GI Joe's, and Clarissa sound asleep in her bed.

I don't know what I would do with out my family, the noise, laughter, and a little bickering here and there. What would I do with just 1 or 2 children, and some people would think I am crazy going on my 5th child.

You see 5 children is not a lot to my husband and I, most of our friends have 6-10 children. That is normal to us.