Wednesday, December 31, 2008

He is back to work....

So my husband went back to work yesterday, and although it was depressing to see him go, the children and I had a decent day yesterday.

I was figuring getting back into the swing of things would be difficult, being we had not sat down and opened a school book in 2 weeks. Everything went smoothly, and the kids were wonderful. It made daddy's going back to work much easier.

There is no need to complain about Andrew going back to work, being, he has another extra day off tomorrow. We have his dad, sister, and her daughter coming up from Ky on the 5th, so that is something exciting to look forward too.

A few more pics from the past couple of weeks.......

This is Hakeem, Destini, and Adessa, my nephew and nieces on Christmas day.

This is my Uncle Steve holding Deacon on Christmas day. Can you tell he is a little nervous holding a new born???? I don't think that he had much of a choice, Sheila, his wife, just kind of said " here you go Steve " you should have seen his eyes. ( His little ones are in college ).

This is Hunter shooting a bad guy up in the tree house with a camera...

This is Clarissa on the potty chair, trying to conquer the challenge of potty training.

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