Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to the routine...

This week we have to get back to a normal routine. Daddy has to return back to work, and the children and I have to return back to school and daily chores. Not only do we have to get back to daily chores, but we also have to play major catch up. I will admit, after the arrival of Deacon I have slacked with house work, and now I have to think about how I have to play catch up this whole next week. I do have 1 more day before Andrew has to go back to work, and sense New Years is next week he works 2 off 1 works 2 off 2 so at least he is slowwwwly going back to work. For now here are some more pictures of what has been going on the past 2 weeks.......This is a picture of Hunter resting, this is something that we have done a lot these past 2 weeks.

This picture is in front of our home. Every year when the weather is slick we always have a vehicle go off into the ditch. This semi truck was not stuck but had to run over the stop sign to get out.
This is Gage praying during Christmas morning devotions. We had a wonderful Christmas filled with prayer, devotions, family and fellowship.

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