Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Little Family Trip

Yesterday, my family and I went to a near by Amish community to get a few things. They have a homeschooling store that a Amish family runs in a shed outside of their home. It was a challenge getting their because the road in front of their home was closed down because they are putting in a new bridge. My husband was determined to get there because we had traveled 2 hours to mainly go to this one location. So there for we drove right through the barricades and parked right behind the big trucks and walked right through their construction site. I wished that you all could have seen the looks on all of the men. Here we come a mom, who is great with child,a dad, and 4 little ones trotting across the bridge that they are currently working on, it was amusing actually. Anyhow, we got their and spent 2 hours while my husband and I looked through all of the books, and the children outside playing with their children. The most exciting thing for them was the buggy rides that the children took them on. I wished that we could have taken a few pictures, but the Amish don't care for the pictures.

We also got to go to a near by Country Salvage and get some good buys on some items in there.

Being harvest time we were able to show the children how the Amish harvest their land with the horses and all . It was a wonderful learning experience for the children. The drive there and home was beautiful with the trees turning and the leaves falling. On the way home we were able to see a beautiful sun set.

By the time that we got home we were exhausted, we all went to bed early.

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Oh! how I wish we lived near an Amish community. Back in the day when I worked outside our home, I worked with a gentleman whose wife collected Amish quilts. She annually vacationed near Amish communities with the specific goal of purcahsing Amish quilts. Her collection was extraordinary. I would love the opportunity to just visit a community so I could admire their quilting artistry.

Mrs. B