Monday, October 6, 2008


Wow it has been a while, I am sorry that it took me so long to post again. There really is no excuse, except for this past week. Chloe and I started canning apples, and what a wonderful time we had together. We sliced and peeled 5 dozen apples, 2 finger cuts and 1 burn later we had 8 quarts, 1 apple pie, and the peelings, cinnamon, and cloves making the homestead smell just wonderful. Thankfully daddy was working over that night so there was no rush to keep up the laundry and other house duties.

Then on Thursday of last week someone had given us another basket full of apples, so after the children were all snuggled in their bed I set off to slicing in peeling once more to can the next day. I had put 2 dozen in the crock pot to make some apple butter, and all together I think I sliced and peeled another 51/2 dozen, with 2 more dozen to go. I had placed the apples in some cold water and salt and into the refrigerator they went to be canned the next day.

I waited for daddy to get home late that night around 12 I would say, he got home checked his mail and so on, by 12:30 my oldest daughter who is 5 woke up sick. She had never really been sick before, so needless to say she did not know how to go about running to the bathroom first thing. Not 15 min later, my youngest daughter, who is 17 mo old, started in. While I was cleaning up Chloe daddy cleaned up Rissy. Daddy went to bed being he had to be up early and out the door by 7. Mommy stayed up with the Chloe and Rissy till 4:30am, not to mention my 7 year old woke up somewhere around 2 and started in.

Now I don't want you all to forget, I have apples in the crock pot, and in the fridge to be canned the next morning.

I got daddy out the door, took a 2 hour nap, and started my canning for the day with out my Chloe by my side, being she was laying down all day. I sure do miss her when she is not there to help me cook and clean. :( With all that being said I got 6 more quarts canned, 3 pints of apple butter made up. I was exhausted that night, thankfully daddy surprised us with pizza so mommy did not have to cook.

I have some pictures of Chloe helping me do some canning that I will post later.

Canning the apples

Slice and peel apples
Place then in the bottom of pot with a little water
In another pot stir 2 cups of boiling water to 2 cups of sugar
After sugar is dissolved poor over cooking apples
Simmer for 2 to 3 min
Place in Quart jars
With a hot rag put the lids on tightly
Place jars into hot water bath for 25 min
When done turn jars upside down until completely cool

I also added cinnamon into some of my jars for cinnamon apples

Apple Butter

Place sliced and peeled apples into crock pot until the pot is full
Do not add water, and let apples cook over night for 12 hrs do not stir
In the morning add sugar, and spices. Stir well. Cook uncovered for 5 hrs
stirring often.

Place in pint jars and place in hot water bath for 10 min
When done place jars upside down and completely cool.

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