Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The other day it was late morning, the children and I were outside working together hanging up a couple of loads of laundry out on the line. Although my children are still young and not yet tall enough to hang them, they were a blessing to watch try to help me, racing each other to see who could get the next piece of clothing next for mommy to hang up. As we were joyfully hanging up clothing and singing I was watching all the the vehicles and big farm trucks drive by. I was thinking to myself, hmmmm, should my children be out here being that the 2 oldest are school age, and people think they should be in school, and also, the ones that know that we homeschool, do you think they are wondering why I am not inside sitting down teaching my children??? The thought briefly went through my mind and then I said, naahhhh, what better schooling and child training could their be than for my 4 homeschooled children to be right by their mommy, hanging clothes, and singing together.

This is a side note and has nothing to do with my post but, this is the 1st yr that I have a clothes line and I have a feeling that I am going to miss my line. I live in an area that get cold and a lot of snow, do any of you have ideas for what I could do so I don't have to use my dryer that often this winter????? Any comments are welcomed.


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Jami!

I actually have a couple suggestions. Since it gets cold and snowing in your region, line drying inside is most likely your best option.

~ Lehman's non-electric catalog has an indoor line-drying pully system that lifts your clothing up to the ceiling out of the way. You can view a photo of it at It is called "space-saving laundry airer" #105-5315. If you or your husband are handy, y'all may be able to build one yourselves.

~ There are also vertical floor dryers. They are built in an accordian fashion and fold up flat for easy storage.

~ If you have a long hallway in your home, you may also consider mounting a couple retarctable clotheslines in the hallway for winter drying.

~ At one time I knew a lady who lived in a subdivision that didn't allow clotheslines. She cleaned out an area of her garage and mounted several retractable clotheslines in it. On wash day she would open her garage door half-way and run a box fan to circulate the air flow while line-drying her clothes. Not sure how cold your garage gets but drying in there with a box fan may also be an option for you.

I hope these suggestions help you guys brainstorm an idea that will work for you.

Mrs. B

The Krahns said...

I think it's wonderful that you have the children out there helping you even if it is a school day. It's probably a very pleasant thing for the trucks going by to see. A neighbor of ours hangs her clothes out all winter. (we live in northern MN) I would guess they thaw wet after she brings them in frozen stiff! I think the hanging them in the house sounds better. We did that when I was a girl all the time. We have one clothesline by our wood stove to hang mittons and hats and wet snowpants.