Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cooking With Chloe

So Saturday was a busy day for us. We had a cookout to go to at a relatives home and as usual mommy was running late. Chloe as you all know enjoys to help mommy in the kitchen. Sometimes I just want to get it done. Well Saturday was one of them days. I needed to get in the shower to get ready to take off, but the green bean casserole had yet to be finished. So I thought HMMMMMMM Chloe has helped me many times with this recipe and it is very simple, so while I am in the shower I left it up to her to make the green bean casserole.* NOTE* Daddy is in the room with her. Daddy helped her with opening the cans, but that was about it. By the time I got back into the kitchen, she was sprinkling the fried onions on the top. Yep, that is right my little 5 year old made green bean casserole all by herself. It brought tears to my eyes :) she is growing up. Anyhow, daddy took some pictures to share with you all.

Everyone really enjoyed her yummy green beans!!!!!!!

She also helped mommy with a yummy Strawberry Jello Cake.

Jello Cake!!!!!!!!!!

1 yellow cake mix
2 boxes of jello of any kind
1 container of cool whip

Make up the yellow cake mix according to box.
After baking, poke holes in it with the end of a
wood spoon all through out the cake.
Dissolve Jello in 2 cups of boiling water,
Poor the jello over top the cake, the jello
will run down into all the holes.
Place into the fridge to chill.
After completely cool, spread whip topping
over top the cake.

Eat And Enjoy !!!!!!!


Modest Mama said...

Oh that is so sweet, I shooed my little one out of the kitchen to often and so we are know working on her learning more.

Could you give a few more directions on how to do the cake, I did not follow it very well

~In HIS Keeping,
Mrs. B~

Jamie Stroupe said...

I sure will....
You bake your cake according to the directions on the box. After the cake is done baking you poke holes all over the top. I like to use a wood spoon handle. while the cake is still warm, dissolve the jello in 2 cups of boiling water. ( because you are using 2 boxes ) DO NOT ADD THE COLD WATER like you would a normal batch of jello. Poor the jello over all the holes on the cake. The Jello will drain into the holes. Then place it in the fridge till it is completely cool and then spread your whip topping over the cake. I am sorry for the confusion I should have posted better directions.