Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Any Baby Girl Names?????

So I am expecting in about 7 weeks, and my husband and I have not even talked about baby girl names. My husband strongly believes that we are have a boy. The only thing that he has to go on is that we have had boy, girl, boy, girl. I keep telling him that it has to break sometime and that we are having a girl. He is still set that this one is a boy.

Anyhow, our other to girl names are Chloe and Clarissa I would love to have another C name but right now I will go with anything. We kind of like the uncommon type of names, but like I said I will take any suggestions. Please leave a comment and give me some ideas.



Modest Mama said...

Candace, Cherith (I really like this one)....hmmmm I will have to think of some more.

I really want a Dinah but Mr. Visionary says no.

I think it is a sweet name.
~In HIS Keeping,
Mrs. B~

The Krahns said...

How about Camille :) I've only met a couple of people with my name.

The Krahns said...

Oh, and my sisters name is Candace which we've hardly ever heard of anyone else with that name either.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Claudia was one of the names I selected while expecting OG. Unfortunately, my Mr. B didn't care for it.

I'd still like to have a Claudia ...
(the other) Mrs. B

Jamie Stroupe said...

I like the name Camille but my sister has a close friend and her name is Camille.

Cherith hmmmmm I am wondering how to pronounce this one??????

Candace I have to be honest I am not sure that I like that one.
( I hope that I didn't hurt anyones feelings )

Claudia I like....

What do you all think about Carlie??????

The Watchman said...

I like the name Andrea, or maybe just Andy, but I don't think we'll have to worry about that since we're going to have boy, remember I'm MR. COMMAND MAN. Dorcus maybe... I don't know girl names are hard. I think maybe we shouldn't limit to just C's. I'm starting to like Grace.

Jamie Stroupe said...

WOW surprising that he picked Grace because that was the name that I wanted for Chloe and he didn't like it. Well what do you all think about Grace Lou???


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I also like the name Grace. Grace Ruth was another one of the many names I selected for OG. (my Mr. B didn't care for that one either) ...

Grace ... I like very much ...

kjvbaptist said...

top ten odd names for you to ponder

1. Claratin
2. Claradine
3. (name combine) Claroupe Stroupe
4. traditional with a spin Clemmily
5. old fashioned that you don't hear anymore (with spin) Cluedy
6. command mans with spin Candy
7. Crace or
8. Cope
9. Cercy (call her by her middle name and if she ever gets a potty mouth call her Cersy

drummmm roolllll dadadadadadadadadadadadaaddadad
10. After her beloved Mother Caymie or Kami (short a) love ya all, Rowdy and Leah.

The Watchman said...

Hey I kinda liked that Claritin one, we can call her clare for short, and when she catches a "clear vision" we'll call her Claritin.... (by the way, claritin is that allergy medication right?)

Gina said...

Names are so hard to choose! We're having a hard time and we don't even limit ourselves to certain letters!! We are leaning toward Hannah, but also like Molly, if that is any help to you at all. (Both with the middle name of Grace)

Though I must say that I really chuckled at the Claritin idea! Sounds like something my own dear hubby would come up with!!

Have fun deciding!

Andrew said...

What do ya'll think about Charity or Cadence.
Cadence means a rhythmic flow
Charity means love, and in God's Word the greek word agape is translated Charity dozens of times and is also the love that Christ wanted from Peter, and the love he spoke of in John 15:12,13.
And maybe Grace for a middle name
It means God's Favor.
Charity Grace
Cadence Grace

Martina S. said...

I will leave some international input..
Here are some names I can think of:

Conny - in Germany written as Connie (I think it is from Cornelia)

Carina - or Karina in Germany
I like the sound of Carina Stroupe


Christina - in Poland Chrystyna means christ-like would make nanny happy lol

I do like charity grace too!