Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At The Stroupe House....

Well it has been a while. Andrew has been taking the laptop to work with him, and when he is home I just want to spend time with him and the family so I have not been able to do a post.

We have been keeping busy around the Stroupe home. Andrew has not been working as much and the weather has been wonderful so we have been outside a lot.
I also have been babysitting part time and that has been keeping me busy also.
Here are just a few pics of what has been going on around the Stroupe house.

One day on Andrews day off we went to the park. It was a little chilly but the kids did not mind a bit!!!

We had a nice little homeschooling project, learning about how to clip the chickens wings none of us had done this. We are so thankful for the internet!!!

We also have been receiving a lot of chicken eggs. This is Hunter checking for the eggs!! This is an exciting moment here at the Stroupe home!!

This is Grandpa Bottoms giving Ree-Roo a big kiss. This is for Grandpa Dave, you have been away a little to long.

This is what Andrew thinks of coffee pot coffee!!!

Best Buddies!!!

Big brother taking care of his little brother!!!!


The Krahns said...

Have you ever gotten one of your hens to have baby chicks? That is, if you have a rooster! We're hoping at least one of our hens will but I sure don't know much about it. I'm just a wee bit jealous of your nice weather!

Jamie Stroupe said...

Well this is the first summer that we have had chickens, but this is something that we would like to try. Yes, we do have 2 roosters so we are going to experiment and see if we can get some baby chickens to hatch. I do know people who have hatched some, by bringing them inside and using heating pads or some other type of heating device but we would like to do the all natural way.

I did see where you all had another snow storm.... I won't brag about our weather!!!

Bobbie C (wife and mommy) said...

I have that same cow coffee