Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Horibble Wife.....

Today is one of them days where I was a horrible wife, and I am not exaggerating. See my husband has been working on a project for the past few days, and I called him at work (which I shouldn't had)to get some information about his project. To be honest I had not planned on telling him why, I was just asking (which I shouldn't have) . Well it came out why and I didn't do it in the meek and submissive way. So anyhow I bummed him out and myself out, all because I was not being the Titus 2 wife that I should have.

You see if I would have been the submissive wife that the Lord has commanded me to be all of the this would have been avoided. To be honest I normally never open the mail unless it is a magazine or something like that, not opening the mail keeps the stress off of me seeing the bills. I usually try really hard to be supportive toward my husband during his projects when they come up, and I was not this time. I was trying to take control of a situation that I shouldn't have and look where it got me.

When the wife is meek, chaste, and submissive toward her husband it avoids a whole lot of conflict between the two of them and lets the man be in charge of the whole matter. By being the Titus 2 wife it allows the husband to be in charge and the wife to just sit back. It keeps us from getting stressed out, upset, and disappointing in life situations. In this situation that I put myself in today was something so very small, and it turned out to being something so big that it ruined both my husband and my day.(This is what happens when the wife tries to take control. )

My husband called me in the middle of this post, and was apologizing to me because he says that he took me the wrong way. No baby, I was wrong, I opened the mail, I tried to take things in my own hands, and I was not being submissive to you like I should have been. ( It is so like my husband to blame himself when I am in the wrong. )

I am sorry baby, I love you, and I would like to ask for your forgiveness???

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I can so totally relate to your post. There have been many times in my marriage where my husband's goal was to protect me from unnessary worry, etc. But, that strong willed side got the best of me and I ended up making unnessary ripples in our marriage. The Lord has blessed me with a strong man to shoulder the weight and concerns associated with being the head of the household. The Lord blessed me with this so I can experience joy and peace in my role as a wife and mother. When my husband needs my assistance, or advise he seeks it. However, I have found that the longer we are married, the more help and advise he seems to seek, and sometimes I wish I could just live in unending ignorant bliss - hee, hee.

You are a good wife. You admitted to your mistake, and you sought forgiveness. Your husband accepted your apology and forgave you, just as a faithful Christian husband should do. Praise the Lord for the blessing of humility and love that lies within your marriage.