Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have been working on a new schedule for homeschooling/daily schedule. Sense the summer break we have not going by a schedule and to be honest, it has stressed me out a little. I am not one that has to go min by min, but I do like to have a little something to go by. So for the past week I have been cutting out some clutter and cleaning house. Schedule wise, this is what I have:

6:15 Mommy and Daddy wake up, have our Bible time,

Prayer time, and get breakfast,tea's and coffee going.

7:00 Kids wake up,get dressed, make beds, and come in to eat

breakfast. After breakfast the two older children have their

cleaning duties that they have to tend to.

Mean while, Mommy and Hunter will be trying to get Daddy

in order to head out the door for work.

8:00 We kiss Daddy goodbye as he is heading out the door with his

coffee. Then, the kids and I go about our morning duties,

cleaning the bathroom, sweeping and mopping living room and kitchen

and folding and putting away laundry.

9:00 School Time, not real sure how I will manage yet, sense 3 will

be sitting at the table now. Bible, Prayer, math, reading and

spelling, and every other day crafts and history projects.

12:00 Lunch Break, and cleaning the mess up after words.

1:00 Nap time for the little ones, and free time for the older ones.

3:00 Clean up toy time, and time to start prepping for the supper

that was on the menu, and getting the house in order for when

Daddy returns home. * important- house is clean and silent

for when Daddy gets home to be able to relax from a hard day

at work trying to support his family.

5:00 Set the table, and make sure everything is in its place.

5:45 Daddy returns, this is the highlight of our day, we miss him

when he leaves, and love it when he comes home.

6:00 We eat supper together, quickly clean up working together, while

Daddy relaxes in the living room, or checking his mail.

6:30 Little ones take baths

7:00 Older one's takes showers

7:30 Family time to do whatever, bible devotions, prayer, reading

stories together, and just playing around and enjoying one

I would love for others to give me an example of their schedules
I always need ideas

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